My Kate Spade obsession came to an overwhelming climax over the holidays and has since calmed down.

That doesn't mean I'm not on the website multiple times a day, looking at the items and putting things on my wishlist.

I say that my obsession has calmed down because it's 11 days into the new year and I haven't shopped! I've made wishlists and thought about shopping... I even placed a few orders and then canceled them. I am doing really well so I don't want to mess it up.

That being said, I can't stop thinking about some of these new Kate Spade launches. I'm pretty comfortable on the handbag front so what has been really drawing my eye is their new athleisure line, especially this touchscreen smartwatch, which I need like I need air to breath!

Who would want a review on that?!

Anyways, take a look at the things that caught my eye!

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