I first heard of Alex and Ani when I was in college. The company popped up all over campus, mostly amongst my sorority sisters because of the brand's adorable charm bracelets which included sorority letters.

By the end of my Senior Year,  I had a hefty collection of Alex and Ani bracelets and had noticed that the brand was taking a step back from the traditional bangle jewelry that had put them on the map. They started releasing regular jewelry, including rings and necklaces, which mimicked the look of the bangles.

After graduating, I took a step away from Alex and Ani. My bracelets became tarnished, the brand started to bore me, and I didn't like wearing the bracelets to work because they seemed too cumbersome.

It wasn't until a few months ago that I got back into the Alex and Ani game and my entire view of the brand has changed.

I can confidently say that this brand is one of my favorite brands ever... top 5 for sure.

I feel like Alex and Ani have found its voice. One look at their website, brand blog, and social media and you'll see that they are a brand that has spiritual ties. I don't mean religious ties, I mean spirt such as healing, astrology, ancient wisdom, and so much more. The brand is empowering, has a wellness edge and is just simply calming.

I think what I also like about them is that they aren't just selling you their products; there are different aspects of the brand and that can be seen in their app and their blog. They're informative and focused on giving customers something else to believe in. It's a really informative brand and gives you the story behind their products.

Every piece has a story, a few descriptive words to tell you what you're buying. For example, the Compass bangle comes with a card that says "Objective, Direction, Transition"... it makes you feel like you have something other than just a bangle.

Alex and Ani also have a huge charity story where they create collections based on certain charities and even have sales on their items to donate to organizations.

The brand is a good brand; it has good intentions, great products, and a really wonderful story.

Since I've gotten back on the Alex and Ani bandwagon, I've made so many purchases (they also have amazing sales) and I feel so good about my collection.

These are the new items I bought recently:

Cosmic Balance Bangle
Peace Wrap Ring
Birthstone Ring
Let it Snow Bangle (similar)
What Is For You Bangle

I don't think I have a favorite item, but I really love the Peace Wrap Ring. I wear it on my middle finger, it fits perfectly and is so comfortable. I need more wrap rings ASAP because they're just so cool.

I've gotten rid of a few bangles over the years because they were so tarnished, they were seemingly unwearable -- and this was before I discovered the Alex and Ani cleansing cloth that I blogged about last week (LIFE CHANGING, I PROMISE YOU!)

Here are the bangles (and one ring) that I had in my collection from years ago; some of them are no longer available or have been revamped.

Evil Eye (I have the older version, here is the new one)
New Beginnings Bangle
Path of Life Spoon Ring
November Birth Stone Bangle
Stellar Love Bangle
Niece Bangle (no longer available)
Graudation Cap Bangle (2014 verison)
Phi Sigma Sigma Bangle (no longer available)

I'm forever lusting over new Alex and Ani pieces so below is my wishlist for the time being!

What is your favorite jewelry brand right now?
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