This book was released almost two years ago and I just finished it... but boy was it worth the wait.

Spoiler alert: I think this was the best career book I've ever read.

The Career Code became a bit of a social media darling when it was released and I keep seeing it in Instagram posts as time goes on.

It was written by the founders of WhoWhatWear which is now part of Clique Media Group and a very successful website on its own. I think they are pretty qualified to give career advice...

I've read a lot of career books in my time and I think this was the best one. It was a clear-cut advice book with only a bit of memoir mixed in.

Other books I've read were almost all about how people got to where they are in their careers. There was advice mixed in but it was all about the author.

This was so different. It takes you from start to finish of the job process; from searching for a job, interviews, what to do on your first day, how to ask for a raise/promotion, how to interview people and how to leave a job.

If there is something having to do with your career, this book covers it.

It's also not a boring book -- there are a lot of images, lists, and exercises throughout the book so it's a quick read and easy to reference. This isn't a chapter by chapter book, it really flows together cohesively and I think is a great reference to have on hand.

It's the type of book you can write in the margins, highlight, and just keep on your shelf for the rest of your life. It's not a book that only one type of person can use - you can use it at any step in your career and I found that very helpful.

All in all, this is the best career book I've ever read. I will be keeping it forever and referencing it forever. I HIGHLY recommend you picking it up -- you will not regret it!

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