When I think of peppermint I always think of Christmas and naturally, I think of winter. Peppermint and mint, in general, is a very specific taste and has a specific audience. However, I really love it (at times) especially when mixed with hot chocolate.

I also really love peppermint in my beauty products. I love the tingly sensation that makes me believe that a product is really working.

I started to notice a trend in my collection and figured I'd share my favorite beauty products that have that minty feeling! None of these are really 'makeup' products but more of a beauty focus in general!

The most peppermint-y of all these are definitely the IGK Walnut Scalp Scrub -- there is a whole post on this product and some more haircare items coming soon!

I also really enjoy the Sara Happ lip scrub in Peppermint. It's been a lifesaver this winter so far, which is no longer available as I type this. However, Sara Happ has so many other lip scrubs that are probably awesome!  

The Glossier Mint Balm Dot Com is always an A+ and every year I get the Philosophy Candy Cane body wash which is amazing and inspired this post!

What are your favorite weird flavored beauty products?
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