As I mentioned last week, I love sweets and carbs so trying to distance myself from all my favorite breakfast foods while I'm on Weight Watchers was going to be an issue.

I searched Pinterest high & low for breakfast recipes that would satisfy my hearty carb craving and when I stumbled upon these easy to make biscuits, I immediately made them. They are originally a recipe for Cheddar Cheese biscuits but I opt out of that and take off 1-2 points.

They are so delicious and you would never know the difference between these and regular, fatty biscuits.

It also only takes 2 ingredients: Reduced Fat/Heart Smart Bisquick and low-fat milk. I use Almond Milk because I just like it better and I like to think that it's fewer calories and a little more healthy than low-fat milk.


  • 2 cups Reduced Fat/HeartSmart Bisquick
  • 3/4 low-fat/soy/almond/fat-free milk

  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees
  • Spray cookie sheet with Pam Cooking Spray
  • Combine ingredients and mix until you have a solid dough. *It will feel a bit sticky and like glue but that's ok*
  • Spoon drop the biscuits onto the greased cookie sheet
  • Bake for 10-15 minutes or until the tops start to golden 

There you go! You have some delicious, low-fat biscuits.

But what are the Weight Watchers points? 

The original recipe with the cheddar cheese and low-fat buttermilk say the biscuits are 3 points each. I knock off about 1.5 points because I don't use the cheese and I use almond milk.

Typically my biscuits are 2 points and then if it's a small biscuit, 1 point.

So there you go! Easy, low fat, low point biscuits to keep you on track with your diet/lifestyle.

Happy baking!
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