I used to have something on the blog a few years ago called Recipe Wednesday where I shared the latest recipes I was trying out.

Also, have you noticed how much I love having a series on Wednesdays? i.e Wishlist Wednesdays, Book Review Wednesday... I guess I just love Wednesdays!

Well, now I changed the series because well, I love alterations and want to branch out from Wednesdays.

If you missed my post from a few weeks ago, you missed the fact that I was published on POPSUGAR. I submitted my weight loss story to them and they decided to publish it! It was honestly a dream come true because POPSUGAR has always been one of my favorite websites and it's been a dream to see a byline on there.

I have mentioned it in passing multiple times here but I started Weight Watchers in July and I've lost 20 pounds. I'll let you read the article (shameless plug) but basically, I've never lost weight in my life and it's a huge accomplishment for me to say I lost 20 pounds.

That being said, it has been difficult because I hate feeling restricted in what I eat. I can, however, eat whatever I want on Weight Watchers and the internet has helped immensely because there are so many recipes out there.

And that brings me to this post... I'm going to be sharing these healthy recipes that are Weight Watchers approved.

My first post is my FAVORITE recipe to date, and that might be because it revolves around sweets and sometimes I really just need that sweet fix.

I found multiple recipes for different, low point cupcakes but these are the easiest to make as well as the lowest point intake.

This recipe calls for two ingredients: 12oz of soda and a box of cake mix.

Now, I know this isn't the healthiest recipe because soda=bad but they're still only 1 Weight Watcher point so they're ok for me right now!

You may also be saying: soda? and cake mix? GROSS and that's what I thought at first but my goodness I was wrong!

Here are the very simple steps:

1. Combine 12oz of diet soda and the box of cake mix
2. Spoon the mix into the cupcake tins (make sure you make 20 cupcakes because then they'll be more than 1 point)
3. Bake for 10-15 minutes (I usually don't time my baking and just stick a fork in the middle to see if any cake mix is still wet)
4. Viola! You are DONE and you have 20 delicious 1 point cupcakes to eat!

Now, there is a bit of rhyme and reason to baking these; basically, you combine a dark soda with a dark cake mix and a light soda with a light cake mix.

I've baked a few different versions of these cupcakes: vanilla cake mix and diet Sprite; chocolate cake mix and diet coke; and the ones pictured here, red velvet with diet coke.

Pro tip: let them cool completely before eating because since there is no egg or oil, they fall apart easily so being as firm as possible after baking is key.

They taste delicious and aren't too sweet, but also aren't bland. You can't taste the soda and you'll wonder why you haven't tried these sooner!

Happy tasting :) 

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