This post is a little past due because of my personal stuff that happened last week. A little update on the robbery... the police are going to be looking further into it because it's something that's been going on in my otherwise safe neighborhood.

Unfortunately, my insurance company doesn't cover stolen goods so I'm out of luck on getting any money from it. I've begun to repurchase most of the stuff that was in the bag that I actually need, like planners and wallets but other things like the makeup bag, Henri Bendel and Louis Vuitton notebooks won't be repurchased as of now.

All of that aside, I'm happy November is finally here. Aside from October, November is my favorite month because of my birthday, Thanksgiving, and the start of the Christmas season.

I was happy with the October that did just pass, though, because so much good stuff happened. I was very busy every weekend with fun things with family and friends, hence why I took a break this past weekend and just relaxed. I had a lot of blogging, writing, and catch up to play; plus I had to get my butt to the gym because I didn't go once in October.

I did some shopping this month and would've been including some of the items in this post but most of the stuff was in my stolen bag. (LOL). This notebook and this (similar) makeup bag were my two favorites,
but for now here are the things that I currently have and have been loving.

Evil Queen Fall Candles: I was ready for Halloween on October 1st and one of my favorites was definitely Hocus Pocus. My favorite thing to do was to light one of my Evil Queen fall/Halloween candles and watch Hocus Pocus I went through three of them this month: Bitches Brew, Resting Witch Face, and Squad Ghouls. They smelled so good, weren't overpowering and the fun colors added to my Halloween decor. They're AWESOME.

Free Spirit Fringe Notebook: I got this in a past POPSUGAR Must Have Box and when I got it, I was equally excited and disappointed because  I did not need another notebook. It wasn't getting much use until I realized how I could utilize it. This is now my every day, everything notebook. I've been making list after list, doodling, and just writing everything I could in this notebook and it's been keeping me super organized. My Henri Bendel notebook that was stolen was supposed to replace this but I figured that I'd just use this in place of that for now. It's so nice to have a normal size notebook (and not a mini Louis Vuitton) to really write things down and flip through pages.

Below are a few other notebooks that could make great 'everything' notebooks:

Kate Spade Noveau York Travel Mug: I didn't need a new travel mug but I couldn't pass up this new print from Kate Spade. I bought it late September and have been nonstop using it ever since. It keeps my coffee really warm and doesn't spill (as long as you put the top on correctly), so I've really been enjoying it.

Kate Spade Cameron Street Perforated Lane: I have been wanting this bag since it was released and when it went on sale, I finally got it. This bag is probably the most beautiful one I have in my collection and the light pink 'dolce' color is perfect and so different. The bag is rather large but feels small and fits everything! It's very lightweight so even when it does have a lot of stuff inside, it doesn't weigh down my shoulder. I did a reveal and mini-review in one of my videos this month so take a look. I'll be sure to do a full handbag review soon!

*If you want the perforated version, I recommend going ASAP because there is only Black and Deep Plum left!

What did you love this month?
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