I know that it's Cyber Monday and I know that I should be a good blogger and post all the deals I'm shopping but honestly, I am exhausted from all the sales going on. My email inbox is insane and it was just super overwhelming to comb through everything.

The entire Cyber Week was incredibly hectic and while it was nice to not be bombarded on Black Friday, Cyber Monday was a different story.

To put it simply, I shopped Kate Spade, Glossier, Nordstrom, and J.Crew Factory this Cyber Week. Throw in some Baublebar & Alex & Ani and you've covered everything. I bought gifts for others and gifts for myself... it was pretty normal.

Anyways... I should also point out that this post is later in the day because yesterday (Sunday) I was out all day and Saturday I was just not in the mood to open my computer. I felt very off over the long weekend  and I need to get back on track.

That being said, I still wanted to share this post because I think it's super important.

I am the queen of online shopping and I online shop more than I shop in store. I think that goes for a lot of us, and especially around this time of year. Malls and stores are crawling with people and those of us who are super tech savvy like to shop from the comfort of our beds and couches.

However, more people shopped online on Black Friday then in stores which is CRAZY so online shopping is definitely on the up & up, especially for people who do not usually shop online.


With more people shopping online, it's super important to be safe while doing so. It's always important to make sure you're shopping on safe, secure sites, and just being mindful of what sites you're putting your credit card information into.

No matter how small or big the website is, they're prone to hacking but there are ways to even further protect yourself.

I ccameacross this infographic from LifeLock on the risks of online shopping... I won't lie, this made me SO NERVOUS but with these tips, everything will be smooth sailing.

1. Shop on sites you trust: If you've heard horror stories about certain websites (Limecrime cough cough) don't shop there! Stick to the sites you know and love and maybe don't try anything new just yet.

2.  Do Your Research: If a website that you find on Instagram seems a little sketchy, your gut instinct is probably right. If you really want that sweater on the Instagram sponsored ad, do some research and check out the site to see if it's legit and to see what other customers have to say about their experience.

3. If It Seems Too Good to Be True, It Is: I found a website a few weeks ago that had Louis Vuttion bags for like $300. It seemed way too perfect so I did some research and the website was a scam. It just proves that if a price is too low, it's probably not safe to shop.

4. Avoid Public Wifi: Don't use the wifi at work or at Starbucks when doing your holiday shopping. Public wifi is more prone to hacking and idenitify theft. Just wait until you're home with your own, safe, password protected wifi.

5. Before Of Email Scams: Avoid opening emails from unknown senders or emails with weird subject lines. Sometimes you may think something is being sent from your favorite retailer but there could be a slight change in the name. Just always be on the look out for a scam...

If you want some more great tips, head to this article. They are all really good tips to be aware of but these were just some of my favorites!

What are your tips for safe online shopping this holiday season?

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