I'm home from work today because I had to take my mom to the doctor's this morning. All is well and good, she just had to have a little routine procedure done.

Because of that, I switched up the editorial calendar a bit and what was supposed to be posted today will now be posted next week.

I didn't know what I wanted to write about because I have a lot of ideas but have been so scattered lately. I'm also fleshing out my entire October calendar so I wanted to save a few ideas for that.

So I figured I'd do a little random post...

If you didn't know, a few months ago I finally started to upload videos on my Youtube channel. I struggled at first with how to spilt content between the blog and Youtube but I think I've got it down pat, especially when I can make a blog post out of a video!

I don't post as consistently on the Youtube channel as I do here because filming and editing videos is a lot harder for me than writing a blog post. That being said, I am trying to amp it up a little bit and have at least a few ideas for more videos this month.

Last week I posted a video all about my Kate Spade accessories collection. Earlier I had posted a Kate Spade handbag collection and it has over 4K views (OMG) so I figured I'd see if lightning could strike twice and posted the accessories counterpart video.

Below is the video so take a watch & let me know what you think:

Also, below you can shop all my accessories (and a few wish list items)!

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