When I saw that there was another Ruth Ware book on the market and one that I had never read, I jumped at the chance. I immediately purchased it with an Audible credit and started listening.

Like other Ruth Ware novels, it takes place in England and revolves around the lives of Fatima, Thea, Isabel, and Kate. Back when they were in school, at Sultan, something happened that they have kept secret for years. They never talk about it and haven't really seen each other since they left Sultan... until Kate comes calling and needs them.

The three girls are brought back to Sultan and their lives are turned upside down over this secret that is coming to light.

The name The Lying Game comes in because the girls used the play a 'lying game' where they would lie to anyone and everyone, just because it was fun to make stories and see if they could shock people.

I can't really reveal more about the plot without giving everything away but I wasn't thrilled with this book. I liked the entire book and I liked the plot until you realize what the girls were covering up. To me, it seemed a little dramatic and it was slightly annoying. They were acting like children and I just kind of got sick of it.

Also, the main character and narrator is Isabel has a new baby (I forget her name because it was a little odd) and honestly, it just seemed like an unnecessary plot twist. She brings the baby with her everywhere and is constantly breastfeeding her (which also seemed like an odd thing to keep bringing up. I mean yes, breastfeed all you want but why is it a descriptor for like half of the book?) It was just a really weird thing and it put me off a bit.

Like all good thriller novels, this had a twist at the end. At first, it was something you could suspect and even the girls suspected it, but then toward the very end, it was a little mind blowing. That part was good, really good.

I personally think Ware has written better; this wasn't my favorite thriller novel and it annoyed me more than most. If you really love Ware, I recommend it but if you're looking for something to knock your socks off, there are better out there!

Have you read this book? What did you think?
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