This might be the latest I've ever posted a monthly favorites post but better late than never! Shopping was at a minimum this month and I'm happy about that, so the favorites I have are a little random.

We are finally in the home stretch of summer and I could not be happier about it. I am so excited for my favorite season and my favorite months... but also a little scared because that means my 25th birthday is only a few months away.

I don't think I'm going to handle turning 25 well but we have plenty of time to hash that out on the blog!

This summer was pretty good, I did a lot of fun stuff and the party continues because I'm going to Boston with my big (sorority sister) this weekend! I've always said if I had to leave New York, I'd go to Boston. I think the city is so beautiful (I've only been once) and it's so full of history -- I'm just a little obsessed.

I'll definitely do a full post on the trip next week so keep an eye out for that.

Right now, let's focus on what I loved this month!

Weight Watchers: I mentioned earlier this month that I started Weight Watchers. I don't talk about my weight or diet things on the blog but I guess I should start because it's something I've always struggled with. My mom has always told me to try Weight Watchers but I was always hesitant -- I don't know why. I've lost 7 pounds in less than a month (was up 9 pounds but gained 2 last week). I will do a full fledged post soon but I had to mention it because it has been a huge thing for me this month.

Ringly: On the fitness side of things... I've been eyeing Ringly FOREVER and this month I took the plunge. I love my Kate Spade fitness tracker and still use it to track my sleep (Ringly doesn't track sleep and I didn't know that before I bought it) but the Kate Spade tracker is not as sleek or chic as a Ringly. I want to be able to wear watches and nice jewelry with my tracker and Ringly allows that. I'll do a huge post this month on Ringly too but it's for sure a favorite!

Jack Rogers Rose Gold West Hampton Sandal: I love a good pair of Jack Rogers and every summer, they are my most worn shoe. I've gone through a few pairs so this year I knew I needed a new one. When I saw the Rose Gold sandal I knew these were meant for me. I have not stopped wearing them all summer long and they are the perfect shoe. They match pretty much every outfit I have and I find them super comfortable. Jacks are the shoe that you could dress up or dress down and I love the brand for that.

Glossier Birthday Balm Dot Com: I've been meaning to mention this so what better place than monthly favorites. I love Balm Dot Com so much so when I heard that Glossier was releasing a new scent in collaboration with Momofuku Milk Bar that was going to smell like birthday cake, I jumped on it. This has the most incredible, sweet scent and a touch of shimmer; it still has the same moisturizing properties that regular Balm Dot Com has, just with an extra punch. I'm obsessed!

Laura Geller Quench-n-Tint: There comes a point in the summer that I stop wearing foundation (and a lot of makeup in general) because it's just too hot. Well, the past few weeks was that point and I've been obsessed with Quench-n-Tint. This sheer foundation (more like a tinted moisturizer) is a burst of hydration for your face and gives sheer coverage; it doesn't feel like anything on your skin but makes everything even and nice. I highly recommend going to Ulta to try this out and see if it's something that would work for you because I cannot get enough.

That's it for my favorites! What did you love last month?

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