It's been a really long time since I was a freshmen in college, but this blog was based off the idea of giving college girls a place to come and get advice on things they were wondering about, or maybe didn't even know if they were wondering about.

As I've grown, Royally Pink has grown as well and I'm no longer a college student, or even a post-graduate. I'm a full blown adult (I guess?) but my heart will always be in college.

It was really weird last week when I knew Iona was going back to school but there was hardly anyone on my social media that was going back. The freshmen class, when I was a senior, graduated in May, so I don't know too many people at Iona anymore. It's a really scary thought but it also makes this time of year easier.

I'll always miss Iona, I'll always miss college and I don't think I'll ever stop. That has been a common theme over the past three years.

Even though I haven't had many college posts in recent years, I figured I'd do a little something this year to honor the back to school season. Even though I'm not in school, August & September to me will always mean a fresh start.

*I do have some really good posts planned over the course of the next few months for college seniors and how to prep for the 'real world' so look out for that.

Today however, is for everyone.

When I went to freshmen year, it was definitely very scary and as prepared as I was, I felt unprepared at the same time. I thought I had everything I would need but these were things I wish I had my first few months that I didn't think of...


1. Business Casual Wear: This might seem weird for a college freshmen (or even sophomore) but I'm sure your school will be having career fairs and guest speakers. I suggest bringing a few pieces of business casual wear so you can be dressed the part whenever something like that comes up. You don't want to be the person in jeans and a t-shirt at a serious function.

2. One Cup Coffee Maker: You will save so much meal card money if you invest in a small coffee maker. Most dorms should allow you to have something like this so I highly suggest picking one up. I wasted so much money the first few years of college on coffee but I would've saved if I just bought a $20 coffee maker. You'll thank me later.

3. Brita Filter System: This was something I had no idea I would need but I am so happy that my roommates thought of it. I'm not picky when it comes to water; I'll drink tap water like it's nobodies business but it was so nice to have filtered water that was always cold. Buy one your freshmen year and you'll have it forever!

4. Bedside lamp: My freshmen year I was on the top bunk, on top of a loft, so my desk was underneath my bed. Sometimes I'd want to just lay in bed and read or study but didn't want the room light on, or maybe my roommates were trying to sleep. Having a lamp that attached to my bed was so handy and I think it's something I had no idea would be so useful.

5. Gym Clothes: It was the third weekend of school when I realized I had no gym clothes. I never went to the gym in high school and had thrown out my sneakers the moment I could (I hate sneakers and don't wear them expect if I'm at the gym) so when I realized my college had a gym I could go to for free, I was left with no clothes/shoes. Thankfully my mom took me shopping and I got everything I needed.

Those were personally a few things I could remember not having at the start but made the 4 years I spent at Iona a little easier and more prepared. If you want a full blown packing list, Her Campus has a SICK one and I wish I had this 7 years ago (holy shit, I started college 7 years ago.)

Below are a few other essentials that are NOT surprising!

If you have any other questions about college, please feel free to reach out to me at I like any excuse to talk about it ;)

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