When I received this book in one of the PopSugar Must Have Boxes, I didn't know what to expect. I didn't read any reviews or summaries of it, and I kind of thought it was going to be a thriller novel, but it wasn't.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo was one of my favorite books of the year and one of my favorite of all time. I loved it so much, I forced my mom to read it. My mom used to be a huge reader when I was younger but she's become addicted to her phone and reality television, like all good people in 2017. She has really been enjoying it too.

The book revolves around Hollywood starlet Evelyn Hugo's life. She's an old Hollywood movie star who has tapped this random New York writer to do an exposé on her for a magazine. No one understands why Evelyn has asked Monique Grant to write this article; Evenlyn doesn't deal with the press anymore and she hasn't had her photo taken in years.

Why now? Why Monique?

Everything is soon revealed but Monique soon holds the keys to Evelyn's entire life... the real story, not what the public knows.

What the public knows is Evelyn was married seven times, but why? What was really going on behind closed doors?

The book is a real page turner, an easy ready and really delightful. It has romance, family, sex, passion, tradegy, hollywood glamour -- it has everything you could ever really want in a book. I haven't loved a fiction book like this (that was a thriller) in a really long time.

I feel like I've been really spoiled with books lately because nothing is satisfying to me, if there's not a crime or mystery involved. This has a mystery because you want to know why Evelyn chose Monique, and how Evelyn's life plays out... and boy, is the twist worth every page.

I read this book in three days because I just couldn't put it down. It was so easy to fall in love with the characters, even when you weren't supposed too, and it was so easy to imagine this story playing out in real life.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo needs to be the next book you read, I promise you won't be disappointed.

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