I've been wanting to read this book for a while now...for years, actually. The Royal We was released in 2015 and kind of blew up.

Everyone was reading this book and at one point, it was even being written as a movie by Lauren Graham and Mae Whitman.

The title and cover alone were enough to grab my attention all those years ago and I finally got around to "listening" to this book. Who doesn't want to read a book called "The Royal We"? What girl with a blog called "Royally Pink" doesn't want to read that book?!

The Royal We is loosely (and I say that borderline sarcastically because it's SO TRUE) on Kate Middleton and Prince William's romance.

The novel follows Rebecca "Bex" Porter and Prince Nicholas' journey to the altar. We start out with Rebecca arriving at Oxford University in England and running, quite literally, into Prince Nicholas. They start off as very good friends, and eventually it turns into a budding romance.

The book follows them over eight years, through many trials and tribulations, and shows you all sorts of different perspectives on their relationship. It's very fun, flirty, romantic, and scandalous all at the same time and kept me on my toes. At times, it's also very heartbreaking and I found myself holding back hysterical tears on the subway.

I didn't think the book was predictable either, because a lot of unpredictable things happened, mostly toward the middle-end of the book.

Listening to the book was quite long -- 17 hours but it felt like a lot longer because the book was broken up into different parts.

I am clearly obsessed with all things royal and tried my very hardest to find bits of truth within the book and there were quite a lot.

For starters, Rebecca has a twin sister (Pippa Middleton is not a twin but close enough) and Prince Nicholas' brother is a wild, partying, women loving ginger named Freddie. There is also an issue with Prince Nicholas and Freddie's mother, Emma, who used to be hounded by the press.

As you read the book and if you know the history of William and Catherine, you'll definitely be able to tell some similiarities.

I 100% would recommend this book for anyone because it has romance, comedy, a bit of history, and some scandal. It's not overly corny and is definitely not boring. It's also a fun game to try to figure out what was taken from real life and what is truly fiction.

The Royal We is definitely one of my favorite books I've 'read' this year!

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