The Nordstrom Anniversary sale has consumed my life for the past 24 hours and I cannot get enough. I already placed three orders and I'm sure more will be coming. I'm working on getting a lot of stuff on my wishlist and I recommend everyone checking out the sale. I know every blogger is telling you that but it's true, this sale is outrageous; the best it's been in years.

Anyways... this week was less than exciting. I did start something new that I want to highlight on the blog eventually but I want to wait until I see results.

For the first time, I'm going to talk about my weight and my diet... I started Weight Watchers this week and wow, it's weird having this huge lifestyle change. It's working well so far and I'm on day 5. I promise I'll do a full in-depth post, maybe around the 1-month mark because I do think (so far) this is the way to lose weight.

More on that later...

Here are the links I loved this week:

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