I apologize because I know every blogger is posting about this sale today and I swore I wouldn't, until I logged onto Nordstrom.com today and saw what was staring back at me.

This sale is SO GOOD. I think it's the best it's been in years.

I'm so overwhelmed right now, this may not even make sense. I'm so excited for this sale, there is so much I want, and I'm so excited for fall.

I already ordered this NARS Multiple kit and this diptyque Scented Candle set.

I don't really have a strategy for the sale but I do know that I like to order the beauty products first because those are the items that are exclusive to the sale and once they sell out, they're not coming back. Usually, the clothing will come back in stock after the sale is over but the prices are higher. So my go-to is grab beauty while you can!

There are lots of good beauty deals but I think I'm going to stick with clothes and accessories for the rest of the sale. I don't need any more beauty products but I think the one thing everyone should pick up is a Clarisonic. It's on sale for $86 which is a steal .. check out my Clarisonic post (I'm obsessed and I've had two different ones!)

I also really like this water bottle set ($50 is a bit pricey but for two of them, you could justify it) and I'm obsessed with my Laura Geller Just Blushing Palette. It's not avaialble anywhere else and it's the perfect travel palette with gorgeous, pigmented blushes so get it while you can.

Below are all my other picks and I'm sure I'll do a haul video on my Youtube channel once everything I order arrives!

What are you picking up during the sale? Give me suggestions!!

*PS this is also just more of a wishlist for me so I have all the things I want in one place*  
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