The calm before the storm.... if the storm if a 4 day weekend! The holiday weekend is upon us and for once, I can't wait. I actually have some plans and I'm excited for some serious down time. I say that every week but it doesn't really ever change, does it?

The week was interesting... a very slow work week, I did some article writing, and my interview with South Street Company came out! I talked about my blogging and social media strategy and it was super exciting to see it on paper (err...screen)

What was so exciting about this week? The Pretty Little Liars series finale! I wrote an article on this so hopefully that'll be out soon!

I did a little beauty shopping this week (along with purchasing these monkey earrings from Kate Spade since there is 30% off sale items with code SUNNY) so there will be a few more new beauty posts soon!

I'm watching General Hopsital on DVR right now so my mind is a little spacey, and it's Thursday night so I'm pretty tired.. let's get right into the links I loved!

Have a great long weekend everyone!
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