I've dove deep into the summer nail colors and this week I needed a break. I've been experimenting with bright blues and hot pinks and just wanted something more subdued, but still with a touch of spring and summer.

Bring in, OPI's new 'California Dreaming' Collection...

I purchased this peachy shade, 'Barking Up the Wrong Sequoia' and have been obsessed with it since I received it. This is, however, the first chance I'm getting to wear it.

In recent months I've really taken a step far from Essie and started experimenting with more OPI formulas and I have to say, I really have been sleeping on this brand. I love OPI polishes and they're more consistent than my beloved Essie.

When it comes to Essie, the formulas vary from shade to shade but OPI, all the colors I have are pretty much the same which is great because you know exactly what you're getting. I can appreciate that.

This gorgeous peach shade applies smoothly, evenly, and two coats will do it justice. I use my typical base and top coat with it, which you can shop below. The other colors from the California Dreaming Collection aren't up my alley but they do scream summer!
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