Handbag reviews are probably going to be my favorite series on the blog because I love handbags more than anything in the world and I have a lot.

I went on a Henri Bendel kick a few months back and bought 3 handbags within a few weeks of each other (whoops -- that's what happens when you have a Henri Bendel credit card and they have awesome sales).

I felt like I needed a regular sized everyday handbag. All the bags I've been buying were either tote bags for work or mini handbags. There was nothing I really had in my collection anymore that could be a regular sized everyday bag.

I was buying my aunt a birthday gift (I got her this bag) and saw that the Stanton Top Handle Tote was on sale. I've seen this bag on Henri Bendel's Instagram before and saw that it looked like the Celine Belt Bag, which I adore. Why not just get the cheaper verison from a brand I already love?

The Stanton Top Handle Tote was on sale and I got it for a ridiculous price, and I decided to purchase it in black because believe it or not, I didn't have a black handbag.

I really like this bag -- it's a good size and fits everything you need, and I also really like how it only has one top handle. There's something very uniform and chic about one strap bags. It of course also comes with a shoulder strap which is super handy. The bottom has also four feet that are super handy for when you have to put your bag on the ground; the bottom won't get scratched up or dirty.

The bag is a decent weight, not too heavy or too light and the material is a nice grainy leather. There's one zipper pocket inside along with two smaller pockets which is also a plus. My favorite part is probably the back slip pocket on the outside of the bag because it's a perfect size for your phone and other things you may need in a pinch... which brings me to my next point.

The one con that I have to say about this bag is that the magnetic closure clasp does get a little annoying to keep going in and out of. You can't just leave it open and have easy access. Also, the flap doesn't stay open, you have to hold it up to get in and out of the bag.

Like I said, I like this bag and it's a decent size for everyday. It's just not as practical to get in and out of like a zipper only bag would be.

Do I recommend this bag? Yes definitely but to an extent. If you're not bothered by constantly lifting up a flap and are comfortable just keeping your phone and keys on the outside pocket (which I am). I think it's a sleek, beautiful, simple bag that is high quality, classic yet still trendy!


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