I received the Epi Slim in exchange for an honest review

About a month ago I was watching QVC for work and everything was on Ez-Pay, which means you can make payments monthly until the balance is finished. I was on the website and came across the Emoji Micro Pedi. It's an electronic callus remover and after watching countless video tutorials of it, I realized I needed it.

I instantly became obsessed because it worked so well. It made my feet baby soft and didn't hurt even a pinch. This is kind of gross but my feet have always been a problem area. I have weird toes and my feet always feel like I was running barefoot through rocks. The Micro Pedi totally changed that and my feet felt like they just went to the spa.

Once your feet are baby soft, you don't need to remove as much, as often. I did a bit before I went away to Florida and some when I came back but otherwise, my feet have been baby soft.

Before this, I was contemplating using a Baby Foot foot mask that makes your feet peel to remove all the dead skin. It's been reviewed countless times in the beauty industry and sounds equal parts incredible and gross; this option is much better!

After about a week or so of using the product (and not posting about it at all), I received an email asking if I wanted to test out Emoji products, one being the Micro Pedi but since I already had one, I opted for the Epi Silm.

The Epi Slim is an epilator, which acts like a huge tweezer to remove body hair. The Epi Slim is specially made for smaller areas of your body like your chin, mustache, underarm, and bikini line. It can also be used for touch-ups on the arms and legs (which is how I've been using it)

The technology works the same as tweezer, that it removes the hair from the root which takes longer to grow back.

The Epi Silm is battery operated so it does move quite fast and I'd be lying if I said I was very hesitant to use it. Just the sound of it scared the crap out of me when I first turned it on, and I was terrified to touch the fast moving head to my skin.

The first few times I attempted it my fear got the best of me and I chickened out after only a few seconds. It felt too pinchy on my skin and I was ready to write it off....


I can now say I've fallen in love with it and there is a trick to using it.

1. Hold your skin very taut 
2. Move the Epi Silm in the direction that hair grows
3. Just go for it

The third step may confuse you but hear me out...

I used Nair on my arms before Easter and the hair was just starting to grow back before I went to Florida. I decided to try it out on a few patches of hair that were a thicker and more prominent than others and since it was on my arm, I figured the pinching wouldn't be as bad.

Well, I was right but also wrong.

When I was testing it out the first time, I kept stopping at the first sign of pain but when I truly tested it out I realized that those first few pinches were nothing and after 3 seconds, you hardly feel it and it's virtually painless (I have a very, very low tolerance of pain so this is a big deal). This doesn't hurt more than getting your eyebrows tweezed and since it's so fast moving, and you're in control, it's easier and LESS painful than a regular tweezer.

Mind you, the hair was removed in seconds and there was no flinching or teary eyes involved.

I highly recommend buying this to keep in your collection (as well as the Micro Pedi). It won't break the bank and it's perfect for touch-ups on the go. Whenever you see a bit of hair popping up, just epilate it away.

Emoji also has a larger epilator for larger areas on your body! Throw that razor away, you don't need it anymore.


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