We're 8 days away from Christmas Eve and I couldn't be more excited. I'll be sad to see the season be over but happy to say goodbye to 2016!

Right now I'm writing this from a hotel room in Pennsylvania because I'm at QVC for another work trip! BTW; I started my job's first blog so please go check it out!

This week was filled with odd stressors but also a lot of fun stuff... like winning The College Prepster's Kate Spade giveaway! I mean, how exciting is that? She emailed me on Monday and I received my prize on Thursday before I left for PA.

How adorable is this bag and keychain pairing?

Cameron Street Lane
Champagne Bottle Keychain

Here are the links I loved this week:

I got another article published on Elite Daily so please go check it out. It was definitely a hard article to publish.

Also, subscribe & listen to the Basic Bri podcast! I'm trying to get it up and running and a little more professional but its so much fun to record every week! 

Have a great weekend everyone!

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