I hope you all had a great holiday weekend with your loved ones! I'm so sad to see Christmas go, but excited for a fresh start in 2017. I'm off from work the entire week so I'm planning on doing lots of writing, lounging, and watching Netflix!

Now, for a different kind of Manicure Monday....

I've been experimenting with other nail polish brands aside from Essie. The most reasonable place to start is with the other drugstore empire, OPI.

I've tried some OPI polishes through the years, and they are some of my favorite shades ever. From the Washington DC collection to my favorite Pumpkin Spice shade, they are some fabulous nail polishes. Good formulas, unique colors, and good quality; OPI is the brand that I won't technically buy on my own expect if I find a color that I must have.

However, when I found out that OPI was releasing a Breakfast at Tiffany's collection, I nearly jumped out of my skin. I adore Audrey Hepburn & Breakfast at Tiffany's, so I knew I needed this. To my surprise, my job was doing a partnership with OPI and we received most of the collection to photograph & use for social media purposes!

Therefore, I have the entire collection (minus one or two shades that I gave away) and my mind is blown.

I now have the ability to try out a handful of OPI polishes and truly test them out. I've already had my hands in some of them (more on that later), but I'm obsessed with all the colors.

From deep, dark reds to a true Tiffany blue color, and glitter top coats, there is something in this collection for everyone. There is a mixture of classic OPI formulas to their new Infinite Shine Gel collection.

By far my favorites of the collection are:

For Christmas, I decided to go with Ring the Buzzer Again and a touch of Champagne for Breakfast. Both of them applied beautifully and evenly, no complaints at all.

As for the other products I used I had the Formula X FIX Treatment on for a few days as my base coat, so I didn't apply a new one. I then used the Glisten & Glow top coat and ORLY Flash Dry Drops. I do have some chipping, 3 days later, but it was lots of cooking, cleaning, and opening gifts; also, I think reds are more prone to chipping on me!

All in all, I'm pleased with the first two polishes I tried and I can't wait to use the rest! 

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