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Manicure Monday: A Piazza Cake

For the first time in months, I went two weeks ago to get a manicure. I needed to clean up my cuticles and just felt like my hands needed some pampering.

I never get manicures for the color because like this manicure, it chipped almost immediately. I've come to realize that my nails are not that healthy and don't hold a manicure well, but I'm doing my best to fix that.

Just because a manicure chips easily doesn't mean that'll stop me. I love a good fall nail color and I usually stick to my faithful Essie while in the nail salon chair but this time around, I saw a new color that I've been wanting to try.

Kathleen Lights, my favorite Youtube beauty blogger posted this photo on Instagram of OPI's new color, 'A Piazza Cake' and I knew I had to have it. I don't have anything like this color nor have I ever tried anything like this. I was instantly intrigued because it looks like pumpkin nail polish and I need everything pumpkin #basic.

I couldn't find this polish in the stores but when I walked into my nail salon, I saw it there waiting for me. It was clearly fate.

My mom was not a fan of this orange nail polish and I was definitely weary of it but it looked SO good on the nails! It was super smooth and opaque, it was a really good formula. I never use OPI polishes and I don't remember the last time I actually wore one but this may have opened the doors to a new found love.

How gorgeous is that color? I cannot get enough and I need to find it in store now.

Do you use OPI nail polishes? What's your opinion of them?