I  read this book right after I finished "The Couple Next Door", and I thought oh, this seems interesting.

Well, do you remember "Pretty Girls"? If you do, then this comes in 2nd to that book for creep factor.

It was super uncomfortable to listen to, and made my skin crawl. It also was just disturbing on a whole other level. Yet, it was very enjoyable.

"Behind Closed Doors" revolves around a semi newlywed couple that seems perfect. No one understands their secret, no one knows how they do it.

Throughout the first chapter, you notice that something is off through the protagonist's, Grace, narrative. There are a few hints that something is wrong, but you can't put your finger on it.

It's like this for a few chapters, but then the secret is revealed.

Why doesn't Grace answer the phone? Why doesn't she see her friends alone? Why is Jack always at her side?

The reason will blow your mind!

It's a sick, twisted book that is really well written. The story is thought out, and even though its a little boring & annoying at times (I had to fast forward throughout the last few chapters because I NEEDED to know what happened), it was so worth every moment spent reading aka listening.

If you love twisted novels, you will LOVE this book, I promise!
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