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I've always loved unique things; I've always loved "stuff" and things that no one else had, or didn't see a use for. The littlest things make me happy, like a waffle iron or a a cute little coin pouch.

Ever since the dawn of Amazon, I feel like there are a lot more "weird products" out there, and we're exposed to them. I mean, I never really see any of these items in the aisles at Target, but when Buzzfeed does a round up, I automatically go to Amazon to check them out.

I'm talking about those weird items whether it's a lifestyle item, kitchen item, or bathroom item that you may not have use for, but seem really intriguing. They seem interesting, but you don't want to spend the money, or you think that they're too weird to own.

Well, I've been eyeing up a few of these products lately and I kind of really want them all. They're not THAT weird, and they can be very useful.

Does any of that make sense? I hope so!

Towel Warmer: Who DOESN'T want a towel warmer? I mean, the thought of a fresh, clean & snuggly towel after a hot shower in the dead of winter sounds completely heavenly. I looked up a few different kinds, and none of them are cheap, but this one isn't that expensive and had some of the best reviews. Can someone get this for me for my birthday? Because I just may treat myself... 

Breakfast Sandwich Maker: I'm a HUGE breakfast person, and breakfast sandwiches are always a thing of true pleasure. I've made my own breakfast sandwiches before, but they always end up being super messy. When I saw that this machine was actually a thing, my jaw dropped. A breakfast sandwich maker? Sign me up! It gives you the illusion of a really cool breakfast, but is super fast and the reviews seem really good. This is something that is super cheap, and goes hand in hand with a waffle iron or toaster for the ultimate breakfast.

Phone App Thermometer: I rarely get fevers anymore, but there are times when I feel like I do have one and wish I had a thermometer. I should invest in one, but never get around to it. Well, I stumbled across this one on Amazon, and the reason it's unique is because it hooks up to your phone, and the app is filled with information, all about your temperature. I mean, it's 2016 so it makes total sense that we would have a thermometer that hooks up to your phone.

LED Vanity Mirror: This is a product I actually have, and it's not that unique but it's pretty cool. I had a regular mirror on my desk that I used for applying my makeup, but then I got the idea that I wanted a lighted mirror. I came across this one, and the price was right as were the reviews. The mirror is huge and has great lighting, and it's the perfect way to apply my makeup and straighten my hair. This to me is a must have for everyone!

What are some of your most coveted, odd ball products?

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