We're in the full throws of the fall season and this past weekend, I felt the true feeling of fall. Saturday, in NYC, we had shitty weather and it was very humid but Sunday & Monday it made up for it. It was raining Sunday but the perfect fall rain, with the perfect chill in the air...

I was so in my zone; windows open, candles lit, and I watched Halloween movies all day. It was truly the perfect fall day... and it got me thinking about this post. I have so many opinions about this lovely season, and I pretty much mention the fact that I love fall in every single post (I'm sorry!)

There are so many things that are my "favorite" on a daily basis, but particularly during the fall season, my love of items comes out to play pretty strongly.

I wanted to do a round up post of the best fall items to have for the season, and what my favorites at the moment are. Everything from beauty to home to fashion, these are my must-haves for the season.

A few special callouts:

ShopEvilQueen Candles (I mentioned these in my Monthly Muse post)
Bath and Body Works Candles -- Pumpkin Pecan Waffles is my FAV right now
Kittenish by Jessie James Decker Chunky Beanie
Pumpkin Spice Granola
Hocus Pocus

What are some of your favorite fall items?
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