I've talked many times about my love of Skyn Iceland, but never have done a Brand Buzz on the brand and their products.

I discovered this brand about two years ago, and I purchased their Skin Hangover Kit; I've mentioned before how much I love anything having to do with the word "hangover" and beauty. It's a weird obsession but it's ok.

Skyn Iceland is made for stressed skin, and gives you the products to keep your skin healthy

The one item I truly fell in love with was the Hydro Cooling Eye Gels. I've purchased so many packs of these, and have tried to find a less expensive version, but nothing ever measures up. These are by far my favorite eye gel patches, because they are very cooling, and do have that gel texture but don't slip and slide all over your face. They have a good hold on your skin, and leave the greatest feeling behind. If you take anything away from this post, go buy these eye gels.

As for the rest of the items.... I really love the Arctic Hydrating Balm. It's my morning moisturizer and has been for quite a few months. It's lightweight, but still super moisturizing, and doesn't leave behind any residue. It works well underneath my makeup and sometimes I don't even use a primer with it, and it still is incredible.

Speaking of primer.... the Pure Pore Minimizer works fantastic to fill in pores. Some days when I want a no makeup, makeup look, I'll throw this on my t-zone and cheeks and it gives a smooth, flawless finish. It doesn't have that much of a silicone feeling, but still gets the job done. It's one of my favorite pore filling primers.

Lastly, I love the Icelandic Relief Eye Pen. It came in the Skin Hangover Kit, and I've misplaced it somehow but it's still an awesome product from what I remember. It gives a slight cooling effect, and makes your under-eye look pretty dam good, especially when you didn't get that much sleep. It also works well under makeup, which is a good feature to have in an eye cream.

There are some things that haven't worked for me, such as the Gentle Cleansing Cloths & the Icelandic Relief Eye Cream, but that's just me.. my skin is uber sensitive so it may work for you!

Below are some items that I really want to try in the near future!

What is your favorite skincare brand?
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