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I classify this blog as a lifestyle blog with a lot of beauty thrown into it. I mean, I blog about beauty at least once a week. In that beauty category is a bunch of different topics, including skincare. I've blogged about skincare a lot in the past, and I've even mentioned my experience with the Clarisonic Mia 2.

Well, I always had a good experience with the Clarisonic but never really dedicated an entire blog post to it. I received my first Clarisonic as a Christmas present in 2014, and used it religiously up until a few months ago. My previous Clarisonic got lost in the move to my new apartment, and I was without it... until a few weeks ago.

I'm so thankful to be part of this campaign with Clarisonic & InfluenceHer, which allowed me to receive a Clarisonic and the entire Deep Pore Detoxifying System.

It comes with the Clarisonic, the Deep Pore brush head (which is my FAVORITE), the Deep Pore Daily Cleanser, and the Deep Pore Detoxifying Mask.

The Clarisonic, if you don't know, is an award winning skin cleaning device that really transforms your skin, no matter what type you have. It's a sonic cleansing device that uses sonic technology to get deep down into your pores to remove the dirt and oil.

A Clarisonic cleans your skin 6x better than your hands, and after a few weeks of use, you see an immediate difference.

My skin has been breaking out a lot lately, and it just felt dry and not as clean as it should be. Within a week or so after using my Clarisonic again (I use it at night because I use a Micellear water to clean in the AM, but it's safe enough to use twice a day), I noticed that the blackheads and white heads started to minimize.

The Mia 2 has two speeds, depending on what you're comfortable with but both are super gentle on the skin. You don't have to even move or press the brush too hard into your skin, the sonic movements of the brush do it all of you.

Also, if you don't think pores are a big issue for you, there are a bunch of other brush heads like ones for acne prone skin, radiance brush heads, and sensitive skin. You really can customize the brush to work with your skin, no matter what.

I've talked about my Tarte Frixxtion Stick a lot on the blog, and as much as I love that, and it does make my skin feel clean. But NOTHING compares to the feeling of my face after using my Clarisonic. I literally cannot stop touching my face afterwards, it feels like you just gave your skin the best facial ever.

Clarisonic is the perfect gift for pretty much anyone in your life, especially college aged women. Use the code HERCAMPUS for 15% off your purchase, and make someone's Christmas that much more special. I'm telling you, I received mine for Christmas from my mom and it cleared my skin up instantly. It was one of the most useful gifts I've ever received. 

I honestly don't think I will ever be without a Clarisonic for as long as I live; it keeps my skin clear, and soft, it makes washing your face easier & almost more rewarding because you know that you're getting deep down where your hands can't clean.

Have you ever used a Clarisonic? What are your thoughts?
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