Hi friends... another weekly wrap up has come upon us! I can't believe how slow this week went, but also can't believe we're half way through September. It's wild how fast the year has gone by, but like I've said 600 times before, I'm very excited for fall.

This was the first week that it really felt like fall was in the air; it was chilly, didn't hit above 85 degrees (expect for one day); I wore closed toe shoes, jeans and sweaters -- it was glorious!

I wasn't in the greatest mood this week #ladyproblems, but there are so many exciting things happening within in the next month. I have lots of ideas for fall stuff, and a few sponsored posts that I think you'll all really enjoy!

Tomorrow I'm heading to GenBeauty in NYC and I couldn't be more hyped! Last year I went with my work because we had a booth at the event, but this year I'm going as a guest. My friend Marissa & I bought tickets MONTHS ago and I'm so excited it's finally here.

I just need to get my hand on the goody bag, and see what the brands are cooking up.

There will be a full recap on the blog on Monday -- but if you want to see stuff in real time, follow me on Instagram to see my Instagram stories: @bribrilukes.


Here's what the week was filled with:

What You Missed on Royally Pink: 
Have a great weekend! 

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