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Manicure Monday: OPI Fall Collection

The time has come for fall nail polish. I am crazy excited for this because there is something sleek, sexy, and fun about dark & deep nail colors. I usually am sick of summer colors by now, and I guess that's kind of true, but I didn't go wild with nail colors this summer.

I kept it to nudes, pinks, and a few crazy colors thrown in there once in a while. I was really feeling the more subdued look, but now it's time for red, browns, orange, and black. Bring it on!

Once the fall nail collections were being released a few weeks ago, I knew I needed to get on them ASAP. I wasn't that impressed by the Essie Fall 2016 collection, but what did intrigue was the Kerry Washington x OPI collection that is featured at Ulta *not sure if it's available everywhere!*

I'm not an OPI girl; I have 1 other nail polish by them and it's pretty good but I'm not drawn to them. Maybe it's the colors, maybe I'm just used to Essie and their formulas, but I never buy OPI products.

This is the exception.

I wasn't drawn in by the entire collection but the two colors named: Shh...It's Top Secret, and Inside The Isabelletway really spoke to me. I can't find these on the Ulta.com website anymore but you can head to OPI's website to see the entire collection.

My mom used Shh... It's Top Secret this week and it looks great on her; it's described as as chocolate brown but on her it almost looks black/plum. Maybe it'll look different on me!

I'm not ready for the deepish shades of fall yet, but I couldn't wait to try the Isabelletway shade; it's described by OPI as a caramel creme and that's exactly what it is. I feel like I'm wearing a latte on my nails and I love it.

The formula is definitely different than my favorite Essie ones; it's a little heavier, which makes it a little more difficult to apply. It's more prone to bleeding onto my cuticles which is kind of annoying, but if you're careful, it shouldn't be a problem.

Once you get passed that, it's a great polish. It applies smoothly and evenly, and I really like the bigger brush that OPI has.

I used the Julep Oxygen Base Coat underneath, and Seche Vite as a top coat; my nails are super shiny  and they look ready for fall!

This is going to be my go-to polish throughout the fall & winter; it's the perfect caramel beige that isn't too dark or too light. I'm obsessed!

What is your favorite fall nail polish shade?