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It's finally Labor Day Weekend, the unofficial end of summer and New York is preparing for a tropical storm. Ever since Sandy, the entire tri-state area is on high alert whenever a storm like this comes so it's definitely scary, but better to be prepared than not!

I'm planning on staying inside and catching up on a lot of stuff; I was away in Pennsylvania for work last weekend and spent the better part of being home, asleep. I love when I have a few days to really just get things done, instead of starting and stopping projects over the weeks course.

I'm also prepping for the unofficial start of fall, even if it's still 80 degrees outside. Headed to Target today to stock up on pumpkin flavored everything, but won't actually open anything until Tuesday. I'm not an animal!

My fall calendar is already filling up and I couldn't be happier. It's going to be a great season!


Here's what I loved this week:

PS: I was published AGAIN on The Haute Mess! Go read ;) 

Have a great long weekend everyone!
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