I talk about a lot of things I love on here; I rarely talk about things I dislike, expect the disappointing beauty products.  I also LOVE a lot of things; just small, trivial things make me super happy, like the first crisp fall day, wearing a comfortable sweatshirt, when the subway comes as soon as I get on the platform, or a fresh biscuit right out of the oven.

It's the little things in life, and I've always truly believed that.

That's why I wanted to manifest that feeling into something concrete, like this blog series. I talk a lot about beauty products I love, and the fashion items/accessories, but never really the truly random items in my day to day life. The little things that make life a little easier, a little happier, and nicer.

I want to try to do this once every few weeks because I'm constantly discovering new bits that make my days.

  • Poppin Pens: I felt the need for new pens, because I need to buy everything & anything. I have one Poppin pen at work, and have used them in the past so I figured a pack would do me good. I got the multi-color pack, and they're perfect. The price is right, they write so smoothly, and they're thicker than a normal pen, but not too thick. Poppin also has some great other products; if you're a office supply junkie, I highly recommend this website.
  • Essential Oils & Diffuser: Once I get really into this (if I ever get really into it), I'll do a full fledged post. When I knew I was going to move into my own room, I knew I wanted an oil diffuser. I've heard so many things about essential oils and what they do for anxiety, and all around mental well being, and I knew I needed to try them. I purchased this oil diffuser from Amazon, along with these oils, the moment I was settled into my room. I love burning oil at any time of the day, because it is so soothing. It brings warmth and scent into the room, and the oil diffuser itself is so pretty because it changes color. I also just like keeping the lavender or peppermint oil on me when I feel a migraine coming on & it really does help.
  • Marble Post Its: Like I said, I adore office supplies and I've talked about the love a lot on the blog. In the past month or so, I've discovered a lot of websites that have the cutest stuff. One of those sites is Effies Paper. She has so many great products but when I saw the marble post its, I knew I had to have them. They are so cute and are a perfect addition to anyone's desk mess! 
  • POPSUGAR: I've just been having a love affair with the brand and the website. I've partnered with them a few times on the blog, and am no stranger to their Must Have Box. What sealed the deal was the event I went to last week, and coming tomorrow is another review of the Must Have Box. I just really love everything about them lately.
  • El & Emm Sweatshirt: When I saw this sweatshirt on Instagram, I knew I needed it. First off, it's says Vogue, it's grey, and it looked incredibly comfy. It just spoke to me on another level. I'm really enjoying the graphic tee trend lately, and my wardrobe for the fall/winter is going to prove it. But this sweatshirt.... oh my God. I'm wearing it as I type this since it's the first day it feels like fall (helllo breeze!) and it's the softest thing I own. I feel like I'm wrapped in a warm blanket that resembles the womb. I need like 10 more of these. Please, if you listen to me about anything this fall season, GO BUY THIS SWEATSHIRT. 
  • Lilly To Do Planner: I finally got into the groove of what feels good for me on a planning level. I have many to-do lists, many notebooks, and my Lilly Pulitzer planner. Well, my world was tipped on it's ass when I saw this little number from Lilly Pulitzer. I mean, it's a to-do planner, I needed it! I was more curious about the inside layout of this, and it really is just a huge planner that is the same all the way through. It has a huge list for to-dos, and then separate sections for appointments, items to buy, and calls & emails to respond to. I use it daily and make lists for things to get done around the house. I have a lot of moving parts in my organizational system so I'll definitely be doing a post on that, but for now, this little planner is so cute & nice to keep at home on your desk! 
There you have it! The first Little Loves post. Do you like this layout? Let me know :) 
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