I haven't been into heavy duty books lately; maybe it's because during the summer, everything is a little lighter and "beach reads" are being advertised everywhere!

Well, Modern Lovers by Emma Straub was on my to read list and fit the description of "beach read/chick lit." I listened to the book on Audible and I'm glad I did. I could just tell it was one of the books where I would've been happier listening rather than reading.

The book is located in New York, and I can't help but love that. I'm always a little more prone to read books that take place in New York because I feel like I can relate to them a little more. Is that weird?

It follows the lives of two families who have been friends for decades, and we watch as they go through marriage, divorce, children, business, college, and life in general.

Elizabeth and Andrew are married; Zoe and Jane are married; Zoe & Elizabeth are best friends; Ruby is Zoe's daughter; Harry is Elizabeth's son.

Following so far?

The book is all about the families, who live down the block from each other, and their kids. Throw in an old 90s grunge band mixed with a Hollywood producer, and you have a recipe for a good novel.

Ultimately, the novel follows the trials and tribulations of young college friends growing up and getting old, watching their kids grow up and go away, leaving them and their spouses to discover each other again.

There are a lot of surprises throughout the book, and some predictable occurrences, as there always is in a good book.

My favorite part of the book was for sure, the ending. It was written so beautifully and the perfect ending to the book. It tied up everything in a neat, little bow -- no questions left unanswered. I do prefer that; I like to know how my characters ended up, I don't want to wonder.

It did really hold my attention the entire way through, and I just wanted to know how everything turned out. It was the perfect book for pretty much anyone; it had romance, comedy, drama, teen angst -- it really covered all the bases.

If you're looking for something light, funny, and interesting, this will definitely check those off your list. Plus, its an easy, light, quick to follow read!

What's a book you've loved recently?
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