This is it. Summer is officially over. I am coming alive as the weather gets cooler and the leaves start to change.

Nothing is better than the fall season in my opinion; I walked into Target yesterday and there was already Pumpkin Spice everywhere, and some Halloween candy to boot. I refrained from buying any pumpkin flavored things -- I'll wait for after labor day to do that.

My fall wardrobe is ready to go and I'm happy to say goodbye to my kimonos and sandals.

Bring it on, world. I am ready!

That being said, August was a good month. It was hot, busy, and fun... but I'm happy to say goodbye to it.

It was my first full month in my new home/room (I promise I will stop talking about this eventually), and it's all complete! My interior design was definitely a number one August favorite, but here are my others:

1. Josie Maran Skincare: I purchased this kit from QVC this month and have fallen in love with two of the products. I've been wanting to try the Argan Oil and Hydrating Milk Treatment for a while now and I figured this was just as good a time as any! These two together, at nighttime, has made my skin a dream. I apply the milk first and then the oil; my skin is super oily, obviously, but in the morning, everything is soaked in and my skin feels super smooth and soft. I've noticed a different in how my skin feels, and I feel like it's helping the discoloration in my skin as well. These two items have been my go-to every single night this month and I'm obsessed!

2. Elizabeth and James Nirvana Rose: I fell in love with Nirvana Black & White last Christmas, and was feeling like I wanted a new scent. When I saw this on Sephora's website, I immediately bought it. It's weird that I buy fragrances online, but it works for me. This fragrance smells like roses but not too feminine. The notes describe it as confident and seductive which I can agree with. I wear it on a daily basis, to work and while running errands, and it's not too powerful, or too soft. If you like rose, but not an overpowering floral scent, this would work well for you.

3. Spinning Lipstick Tower: A lipstick tower has been dream for a while and I finally got one this month. I put it on top of my shelving unit and put most of my lipsticks (my liquid lipsticks don't fit in there), in it. It's so chic looking and really useful because I can see what I have and am able to wear even more colors, getting actual use out of my products.

4. Water Bottle: I really needed a new water bottle, and wanted something big, durable, and good for the gym. I hated not having plastic water bottles around and it was always an issue when I wanted to go to the gym. I stumbled upon a great website, AnKit, and fell in love with everything. I picked up this water bottle and it's awesome! It's super big, easy to drink out of, and it fits ice!! This website also became my favorite because I picked up this gorgeous marble phone case. So cute & chic!

5. Instagram Stories: This is super random but I feel like I need to mention it. I really hated the idea of Instagram stories when it was released because I didn't like that they so obviously copied Snapchat, but also because I am clear about who I like to follow on Snapchat. I only follow my close friends/favorite celebrities/favorite bloggers/brands, because they are the only people I care about. I follow certain people on Snapchat and certain people on Instagram, and I don't want the two to mix. Well, I've changed my tune. Sometimes it's more difficult to find people's SnapCodes so it's nice to have some diversity on my Instagram feed. I especially love following certain bloggers that I love having on Instagram, and seeing their behind the scenes. It's also a nice boost of inspiration!

What did you love this month?
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