The Selection has been on my reading list for YEARS. I'd say for a good 2-3 years. The synposis is intriguing: the Hunger Games meets The Bachelor; 35 women from all different areas and castes of this new country, Illea, come together to fight for the crown...and the heart of Prince Maxon.

The Selection as it is called, is a competition to find Prince Maxon a wife and the next Queen of Illea.  The novel never tells us when this takes place, but as the story goes on, it seems to be far in the future. They tell us that there have been two new world wars, making the total 4, and it sounds like the United States are broken up into different areas, each fit with their own caste. Two being the highest, Eight being the lowest of the low.

The main story/plot is told throughout 3 books; The Selection, The Elite, and The One.

Our main character is America, a five, who gets thrown into the competition by her current boyfriend, a seven, Aspen. He doesn't think he could give her what she needs so he recommend she join The Selection, to get a bit of money and to have a shot at something different.

America is stubborn, fights Aspen and her family on this decision, but eventually says yes and joins the competition-- she is, to her surprise, chosen as one of the 35 women.

The story rolls on from there over the course of the three novels and my goodness, it's addictive. If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I read all 3 books in one night. I woke up in the middle of the night, around 1 AM and didn't go back to sleep till the 3rd book was finished, at 7 AM. That's how good these books are.

I haven't done that since my Twilight days and it felt really good.

I simply could not put the book down, I needed to know what was happening between Aspen, America, and Maxon. I needed to know which girl Maxon would pick, or if everyone would find out each other's deepest, darkest secrets. I needed to know everything-- I was completely enveloped in the drama.

This is probably my top 5 favorite book series to date, and I'm an addict of book series. There was something so magical, whimsical, and dramatic about these books. You get invested in the characters and their stories and you just can't stop reading. That's what I deem as a great book series.

There are additional stories to these novels, which I will be covering over the next few weeks. Those books are JUST AS GOOD.

It's been a while since I've felt this way about a book, my words don't do my love for The Selection justice.

Kiera Cass is my new favorite author, just saying!

What have you read & fallen in love with recently?

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