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Last week, while traveling to Florida for work, my skin took a beating. The moment I walked off the plane, my skin freaked out and I broke out everywhere. My skin was dry, sensitive, and so red. I had to wear full coverage foundation and concealer on the entire time (you can find them here & here).

I never break out... I mean NEVER. If anything, I have a hormonal zit every now and again but nothing like this. I've always known that flying can do messed up things to your skin, and I've experienced the occasional dryness but nothing like this. I owe to my stress and the fact that I went from 50-60 degree weather in NYC to 80 degrees in less than 3 hours.
While I was in my hotel room, I just felt like my skin was crying and desperate for something to help it. I was so thrilled that I had received these When face masks before I left on my trip. I've tried only one or two When face masks before but never the TravelMate and I always wanted an excuse to.

When was launched in July 2011 and they haven't expanded out of face masks, but why fix something that isn't broken? They're based in Korea and pride themselves of providing great skincare to customers who have multiple roles in life, and need a quick fix for their skin.

The face masks that When carries are sheet makes that are made from bio-cellulose and are much more powerful than regular paper sheet makes.

I can feel the difference; I've used a lot of sheet masks and I think When are my favorite. I love the packaging, I love how they feel on my face, I love how they make my face feel. These aren't filled with so much product that it's uncomfortable while wearing, or slipping and sliding all over the place. It has just the right amount of product to feel like your skin is being nourished, but not overkill.

I used the Travelmate face mask while in Florida and it's supposed to refresh and renew your skin after being exposed to the sun, wind, and dry air. It hydrates the skin, restores moisture, and is made from coconut juice. All of that combined makes for a great face mask.

After applying it, my face did feel a lot better. It didn't clear my breakouts (I'm still dealing with them) but it made my skin feel alive again.

I haven't used the Last Choice face mask but it's supposed to hydrate your very thirsty, dehydrated skin. This will definitely come in handy!

I'll probably do another round up of my favorite sheet masks but these are definitely up there. I love how there are different masks for different uses--it's not just hydrating or for acne prone skin, they're unique and a little kitchty but I love that!

What are your favorite face masks?

PS: I apologize for two "sponsored" posts in a row but my editorial calendar has moved around a lot and I needed to get them in! 

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