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by RoyallyPink, 7:30 AM
Wow, this week went by fast. I flew home from Florida on Wednesday night and headed back to work yesterday and today. It was quite the hectic week, starting it off in Florida and working nonstop at a beauty expo.

I have to say, it was well worth it. I was stressed, anxious, and tired but it's such a refreshing feeling to see something come to life that everyone in the office has been working on for months. I also celebrated my 1 year at my company on Wednesday and it's truly a surreal feeling.

I can't believe I've been working full time for a year. It's been a crazy one and a lot has changed but my doubt about my job has long gone and I'm fully immersed in the world of beauty and social media. I can truly say I love it and feel comfortable and feel like I've mastered it, with so much room to grow.

I would definitely say that is the peak of my week...should I start doing that? I think I will! Peaks of each week... I won't do a pit because I really want to remain has positive as possible.

What was your peak this week? Let's all be positive!

My plans for the weekend are very simple...clean, pack up for the big move, and blog. Being in Florida with all these successful business women (I even got to go to a blogger event for my company so I met some Florida bloggers) really got me thinking. I always say I want to focus more on my blog and my writing and I really, really want too. I need to put my mind to it. I'm hoping when my family & I move, I'll have my own room and be able to decorate in an inspirational way, so maybe some of that inspiration will rub off on me.

Sounds good, doesn't it?

Ok, here are the links I loved:

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Happy Friday!

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