I know I said a few weeks back that I was originally going to do a favorite apps post but decided to just tell you all about my favorite app ever, Slice?

Well, I realized that I definitely do have some apps that I adore and they needed to be shared. I usually keep my apps to a minimum because the storage on my phone is horrible, but lately, I just don't care.

I go through phases with apps where I'll delete them and then redownload a few weeks later but these have been constant. I use these apps on a daily basis and I will always have them on my phone.

1. HeadSpace: I've tried other meditating apps before but HeadSpace is the only one I've ever stuck with. A few weeks ago I felt like I needed something, but I didn't know what that something was. Then I read an article about mediating and anxiety and they mentioned this app. I've definitely seen this app around in other articles and blog posts but never bothered to download it. Finally I took the plunge and I really love it. I use it on the train before work and you just listen to the instructions, and each day is a different level of meditation. It's only 10 minutes so even the busiest of people can make time for it, and I think it does make a difference in how I feel the rest of the day.

2. Elite Daily: I have always loved Elite Daily and reading their featured articles have always been part of my daily routine. That's why when I found out they were releasing an app, I immediately downloaded it and I knew my mornings were going to get better. I love scrolling through the app and reading everything -- it just makes life easier to have Elite Daily all in one place on my phone.

3. GetPocket: This is by far, my favorite app in the history of the universe. GetPoccket is an app that you download onto your device, and can also install the GetPocket button on your browser. It stores articles that you want to read later when you press the pocket button, and then you can access all the articles on the website. You can also link GetPocket to your phone so that when you're on Twitter, you can click the link, and it'll give you the option to save it to Pocket. I am always on my phone and this is a saving grace for me because there are always articles I want to read but may not have the time or won't be in the mood. I am addicted to this and I don't know how I functioned before it.

4. Refinery29: Another news app -- sorry! Refinery29 is probably my favorite "news" website because they have everything and more. Politics, fashion, beauty, health, wellness-- EVERYTHING. I would love if they had an app similar to Elite Daily but the one I'm talking about is the next best thing. Refinery29 puts out a "newsletter" type of article every morning called "This A.M" where they give you the most popular, must know stories of the day. Well, they put this into an app and I immediately downloaded it. I read it on the train in the morning and it gives me a rundown of the things going on in super, quick tidbits.

I won't get in depth about this app but Mint, which I've done a whole post on, is still one of my favorites.

If there are any apps you think I need in my life, PLEASE let me know! And I want to know, what are your favorite apps?

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