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Tech Savvy: Slice App

This was originally going to be a post on my favorite apps but honestly, I don't use many unique apps. I have the typical ones every has: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Weather, a period tracker, some shopping apps, my Jawboneup app, and that's pretty much it.

I blame my storage situation -- seriously, I have no storage left on my phone.

The app that inspired this post though? Slice.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I have an online shopping problem. Because of this, I get packages on a weekly basis and I like to keep track of all of them. I used to keep a note in my phone of all the packages I was expecting. I used to keep the tracking and order confirmation emails in my inbox until they were delivered. I also (like every other person in the world) obsessively tracked the packages.

Well, I now have an app that I didn't even know I needed -- and I didn't even know it existed and I'm pretty sure I forgot where I found out about it but my goodness it's amazing.

Slice tracks all your online orders. It gives you notifications when your order has been shipped, if your order is delayed, and when your package is delivered. You can also opt in for notifications of price drops of the items you've ordered in the past.

It keeps everything in one neat little place and you don't have to keep your inbox filled to the brim with shipping notifications. All your tracking numbers are in one place and you could click to them instantly.

I think my favorite feature is that it notifies you when your package is delivered, mostly because I am mostly at work when my packages are delivered  but its just a nice reminder for when they show up.

I don't think this is an app that a lot of people know about or talk about and I just had to express my love for it!

What is your favorite app right now?