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We did it everyone! We made it to Friday! I am so happy for the weekend and so looking forward to it. It was a solid, nice week but I am excited to sleep in all weekend and just hang out. Relaxing has always and will always be my favorite hobby.

Like when people ask what I like to do in my spare time, I have to bite my tongue to not say "sit on my couch and watch tv", because that is ultimately my favorite thing to do.

I mean, besides reading, watching youtube videos, and blogging, that is my favorite thing to do.

Speaking of all those things... I started reading Me Before You and I forgot how much I loved a good, fiction book. I bought it on my Nook (yes I have an e-reader apart from my iPad) which I haven't used in forever because I mostly read regular books, or read on my iPad but ugh, I forgot how good it felt to not look at a blue light.

So far the book is awesome and I can't wait to dive in deeper.

On the beauty note, last night I attended an event with Vita Liberata, the self tanning company, and it was amazing. I can't reveal too much yet but in a few weeks, I'll be able too! It was such an incredible experience and I even got a free spray tan (I am so bronzed!). I can't wait to share everything with you :)

Also picked up the Life Changing Magic book and its so far, so good!
ALSO -- this week I got my first adult coloring book (not that kind of adult, but just for grown ups) and I've really been loving it. I can't tell if it's helped with my anxiety or stress but I shall keep you posted!

There's that little update, now for the links!

The People vs OJ was amazing and this little recap was awesome

Sleeping by 10 PM is my guilty pleasure


Vanessa Hudgens IS Rizzo!

"Drunk Girl's Guide to Skincare" is my kind of article

Give me all the mac & cheese, please

Happy weekend everyone!

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