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I have been wanting to do one of these posts in a while and what better time to do it than a Monday morning!

A lot has been happening behind the scenes: personally, with work, with the blog...there just seems to be something in the air and I feel very productive as of late.

I also still love to relax, that's just who I am, but I'm so proud of myself that I've been getting so much better with pushing myself outside my comfort zone.

This month and on, I'll be super busy. I have so many fun things planned for this upcoming weekend and then I'll be taking more work trips and there are a bunch of work events in the next few weeks -- social media never sleeps!

NYFW is also coming up and I'm hoping to go to a few events but you all will hear about that!

I find myself taking photos of everything the most random things and I figured that's the best way to show what I've been up to!

I got a polaroid camera -- my little makeup corner

The latest Target Beauty Box was awesome! So many fun and useful things
A typical night for Briana -- I can't wait to get through this book 

Reading up on social media & beauty trends at work

Spent WinterStormJonas blogging and drinking tea

Hands down, the best hair combination EVER!! 
Bought some items from Too Faced (I returned the foundation, didn't look good on me!) 
More WinterStormJoans fun -- working from home never looked so good!

LUSH products make bath time much, much better! 

Dry skin beauty routine coming -- spoiler alert: THESE ARE AMAZING 
Needed new headphones, why not make them cute?!

What have you been up to lately?

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