I totally meant to get this up yesterday because well, my series is called Book Review Wednesday but I'll make an acceptation this week. Tuesday night I was completely pooped and could barely keep my eyes open to watch Pretty Little Liars.

I feel much better today (Wednesday) and I think it's because Tuesdays are my DAY. Most people despise Mondays with a passion but I hate Tuesdays more than anything.


Let's get onto the review...

I've been talking about the book "Adulting" by Kelly Williams Brown for almost 2 years. I also just finished it a few weeks ago.

It's been on my nightstand since senior year of college but I didn't start reading until I graduated. It just felt wrong to read a book about being an adult when I didn't consider myself an adult. I was still going out on Tuesday nights and attending sorority meetings.

I also didn't seriously start to read it until I started working, because I still didn't feel like an adult. There were still some chapters that I skipped, like things having to do with living on your own because I still don't live along... I also still don't feel like an adult so I don't know why I even read it!

I am glad I did though because it was very helpful and reminded me that I am definitely not alone.

The book is written in the form of "steps" so the entire book is numbered with the steps you need to take in order to become an adult. It covers everything from love, living alone, living with roommates, getting a job, keeping a job, finances, dealing with issues, and everything in between.

It is a bible for those entering adulthood. Every question you've ever had about taxes or apartments or careers can be answered in this book. It's actually pretty amazing.

Kelly Williams Brown knows what she's talking about but she doesn't talk AT you. She is taking the ride along with you, and just giving you advice on topics she's come across in her travels. She doesn't claim to know everything but it sure seems like she does.

This is a book that will never leave my nightstand until I feel like it's time to part with it... until I feel like an adult.

If you are graduating college soon, have graduated in recent years, or just feel like you need some extra guidance (and a laugh or two), definitely pick up this book. I think it would make the perfect graduation gift for any upcoming senior!

I've been really into this books lately so definitely look out for some more "lifestyle/self help" book reviews coming soon :)

Any recommendations on new books? I'm on a HUGE reading kick!

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