When was the last time I did a Wishlist Wednesday? I can't even remember! I have not stopped shopping and it's really bad. I will say I have gotten better--a lot better than I was but still, maybe February will be the month that I knock my habit!

Anyways, even though I shop a lot, there are still some things that I haven't bought and things that I am seriously lusting after.

Side note: What I really want and I'm planning on doing this weekend is trading in my old iPad 2 for an iPad mini. I think I'm at the point where I want a smaller tablet that I can travel with on an everyday basis. Also, mine is starting to run a little slow and it's kind of annoying. So, I'm going to head to the Apple store and see if I can trade in my current iPad for some cash toward my new one. All that being said, clearly I need a new iPad mini case so if all works out, I'll be buying one of the ones in my wish list below.

I've also just discovered Henri Bendel and I'm obsessed with the brand so you'll see a lot of Henri Bendel in the list. It's so classic and chic, similar to Kate Spade but I think of it as Kate Spade's much old sister.

My first purchases: a planner I didn't need & a phone case
But really, everything on this list I don't need but only want -- those are the best kinds, right?

What is on your wishlist?

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