I have been on a huge foundation kick lately. I'm just more attracted to foundations that I have been in a while and I want to try them all. Liquid, cream, powder, cushion -- give me them all, please!

It could also be owed to the fact that a lot of beauty brands have been releasing new foundations left and right.

Let's leave that there for a moment and move onto another related topic.

Two weeks ago I got a text from FedEx saying I had a package on the way. I had not ordered anything and did not receive an email. I was stumped on what this package was and then had a feeling it was something for the blog. I had a pretty good feeling what it was and when I woke up last Monday and ran to my door, I was proven right.

One of my new found favorite brands, Pur Cosmetics, released a BRAND NEW FOUNDATION. I saw them post it on Instagram and it intrigued me. Well, that little package that arrived on my doorstep was filled with every shade of the new HydraFluid Water Serum Foundation.

I am very intrigued by serum foundations and anything with the word "water" in it is something I need in my life. I have severely dry skin and it's been getting worst since the cold weather came in like a wrecking ball.

Before we get into the nitty gritty of the foundation, let me rattle off some of the benefits. It has an intense water complex that delivers you "Swiss Alps sourced glacier water" (WOW) to your skin for the deepest hydration. Because of this hydration, the foundation leaves your skin smooth and radiant. I love me a radiant finish!

It comes in 5 shades, which isn't ideal: Light, Medium, Tan, Dark, Deep. This will probably be amazing for darker skin tones because the foundation leans more to the deep side. I have pretty light skin and the light is a hair too dark but I make it work. I WILL make it work because this foundation is holy grail status.

Ok, by now you've figured out that I LOVE this foundation. It comes in a tube and has the oddest little applicator but it is so cool.

The foundation is definitely an intense liquid but it applies so beautifully. It blends out really quick and just leaves your skin looking so smooth and soft. It doesn't even look like I'm wearing foundation, it just looks like I have really great skin. I wore it everyday last week and it held up through the workday really nicely.

Foundation is usually something I can live without because my skin isn't that bad but I made a point to apply this every day because I just loved the way it felt and how it looked. I don't think I have ever loved a foundation this much.

Shade: Light
I gave my mom one of the darker shades and she has been loving it as well - she even took it away with her on the cruise she went on this week!

I HIGHLY recommend this foundation if you have really dry skin or even if you have normal-combo skin. It feels great, looks great, and is packed with those awesome skin loving ingredients.

The HydraFluid Water Serum Foundation is available NOW on PurCosmetics.com and launches on February 7th in Kohls and Ulta stores!

What is your holy grail foundation?

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