Gift Guide 2015

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Last year I did a whole slew of Gift Guides leading up to did every other blogger in the universe. As do they this year.

There is nothing wrong with that-- gift guides are great posts, but the blogosphere is flooded with them and they definitely don't need anymore from me.

I do really like gift guides because they're perfect for those few people that don't like anything, have everything, or are just really, really horrible to buy gifts for.

I definitely have a lot of those people in my life and I need all the help I could get. That is when gift guides come in handy. So many bloggers have so many great ideas that are so different, no matter who you are shopping for.

Since I didn't want to replicate a gift guide, and they were still flooding my Pinterest feed, I figured I'd make a board dedicated to all the amazing gift guides out there, to reference and look at for inspiration.

I'll be pinning all the gift guides I love and have been looking at for gift ideas to the board so follow along!

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