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Oh another week, another month, another step closer to my 23rd birthday and Christmas.

As I've said countless times, this is my favorite time of year and every day is just warming and cozy -- expect for this week because it was legit 70 degrees in NYC. I just want it to be cold and wear scarves and be warm and snuggly.

It was a short work week since I was out sick on Monday with strep throat, so yes, my Halloween weekend was fine and dandy. The week after getting sick is always full on recovery mode and I've honestly just been working and then coming home and sleeping. This weekend I plan on chilling at home and recovering some more, unless some fantastic plans come along.

I've been so good about going out lately; at least once a weekend I have plans and it's been really good for me. But honestly, sometimes, I just need the day to myself to veg out on the couch and catch up on reading and writing. Who else loves days at home to relax? Raise your hand if you're with me!

I will stop rambling and give you what you came here for...links I loved this week :)

I feel like I've been transported back to my 6th grade iTunes library

Let it go -- everything

Basically, work should just end at 3 PM because my brand shuts off then. Here's what to do when that happens

Lush is life -- and these secrets made me LOL

Jawbone + Baublebar=heaven

Ooo, not that many links this week but hey, not every week is a winner!

Enjoy the weekend everyone :) 

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