I've come to realize that my skin is very sensitive to the change of season. Every time the weather changes, my skin flares up. It also seems that with each passing season, the skincare products that worked previously no longer work for me so I need to find new products to help.

I never had problem skin when I was younger, it was in the last two years that my skin started to become troublesome and even though I hate it, I love being able to try new products to figure out what works with my skin and what doesn't.

This upcoming fall season has honestly turned my skin upside down. For the month of August, I had finally gotten my skin under control and then once the cool air hit, it was thrown for a whirlwind once again.

I was suffering from breakouts galore and these weird bumps on the side of my cheeks and along my chin. Up close and personal they look like clogged pores so I've been really trying to unclog them with exfoliating products and pore products, trying to clear things up.

After a few weeks of trying everything under the sun, I finally started to see a clear up last week. I'm pretty sure it's thanks to one special little product I received in my Birchbox this month and it truly is my saving grace. I've already looked at the full size and will most likely be purchasing in the future.

That product is the Dr. Jart Ceramidin Cream which is supposed to help repair damaged skin and hydrate your skin as well. It's a lifesaver and I'm obsessed with it. It cleared up my skin within a few days and I'm hoping my skin continues to respond well to it.

Now for the rest of my routine...

1. Simple Micellear Water & Simple Smoothing Face Scrub: I love the Simple brand. Ever since I was told last year that I was allergic to fragrance, I haven't really used another drugstore brand for my skin. Every product I've used has been amazing and these two are my favorite. I use the Micellear water in the morning on a cotton round to cleanse my face and it leaves my skin feeling refreshed and cleaned. The Smoothing Scrub is something new to me and I've fallen in love. It's a gentle exfoliate that is nice to use whether in the morning or at night. It really feels like I'm getting the dead skin off my face and I think it's made all the difference. It also doesn't irritate my skin which is the most important part.

2. Clarisonic + Fresh Soy Cleanser: I've told the tales of my love affair with my Clarisonic and it hasn't changed. This is my go to when my skin needs a deep cleaning and I try to use this after heavy make-up days or every other day. I use it in conjunction with my Fresh Soy Cleanser and it really gets the job done. My skin is incredibly soft, silky, and smooth after cleaning with my Clarisonic and I cannot imagine my life or skincare routine without it. I only use it at night because that's when I feel like my skin needs the most TLC.

3. Chemical Peel: I have come to loving a good chemical peel that removes the dead skin from your face. Just rubbing a bit of the peel onto clean skin and gently massaging it into your face allows for your dead skin to be removed, unclog pores, and refresh your skin. My two favorites are the Boscia Exfoliating Peel Gel and the Real Chemistry Luminous 3 Minute Peel.

4. Michael Todd Serum & Toner: I've used a few Michael Todd products in the past and I throughly enjoyed them at the time, so I'm happy to have two other great products in my routine. I've really been wanting to get into toners and serums because beauty experts say they are necessities and these two haven't disappointed me yet. The Organic Lemon toner is an exfoliate toner (can you tell I like exfoliates?) and it removes the dead skin and dirt that my makeup remover and cleanser missed. The Concentrated Antioxidant Moisturizing Serum is even newer since I received it in my EveryDay Glamour Birchbox LE Box and it's replaced my heavy duty moisturizer. It leaves my skin hydrated and smooth while still feeling like it's repairing my skin.

5. Tarte Eye Brightener: I've talked about this product in the past and I just bought the full size. I always need an eye cream and I'm glad to have this bad boy back in my arsenal. It hydrates the under eye area as well as providing brightening properties to improve the appearance of dark circles.

It seems like a lot of products but it takes a village to clear up my skin. It's very dry, dehydrated, and sensitive so I need a lot of help to maintain it. I love products that help brighten my skin, clear up my blemishes, and tighten my pores.

What are your favorite skincare products to help your type of skin? Give me recommendations in the comments :) 

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