I'm currently writing this post as I come back into NYC on the Amtrak after taking a day work trip to the QVC studios. It was an eventful day that began at 5 AM and I'm exhausted at 5:30 PM. It also involved me missing my stop (and the next stop after I realized it) on the Amtrak coming into Pennsylvania.

I was alone on the train and didn't even realize I had missed my stop until my coworker called me and asked where I was; she was waiting for me to get off the train! The issue was, the intercom was broken in my car and my car didn't stop at the platform because it was so small.

I proceeded to run through three cars of the train, hysterical crying and asking the conductors what to do. I then got off at some random train stop and took an Uber (God bless Uber!!!) to the QVC studios. It wasn't that big of a deal, only a 20 minute Uber ride but in the moment, I was freaking out. I mean, I was in Pennsylvania, on a moving train, by myself, trying to get to a work event.

Seriously, only me. This stuff only happens to me.

All is well now and thankfully it worked out but I'm very glad it's Friday and that I have off on Monday -- thank you Christopher Columbus. I plan on having a relaxing, care free weekend filled with friends and blogging events. I'm sure I'll post an update next week on the event (if I make it there!)

I do have to say though, I felt very fancy on the Amtrak Thursday morning & afternoon with my coffee and laptop. I got some work done, clearly wrote this blog post, and just looked and felt professional. Mama, I'm growing up!

That is, if grown ups miss their train stops and then cry about it.

Anyways... enough about my drama and loss sense of direction. Here are the links I loved this week:

What did everyone else love this week? Happy weekend everyone!

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