I've been so excited to write this post ever since my internet friend, Shaylei, reached out to me about it.

It's no secret that I love jewelry -- I've always been an accessories girl. Even though I took a jewelry hiatus during the hot, summer months, we're gearing up for fall and that means I'll for sure be wearing more baubles!

That's why I was SO excited to hear about Shaylei's opportunity.

Shaylei is a merchansier for Chloe + Isabel, a jewelry company that is well known throughout the fashion industry (and the blogosphere). I've never purchased from Chloe + Isabel but have always lusted after it. I really love the philosophy behind the company, giving young women the tools they need to start their own business, to change lives, and hone their ambitions.

A few press mentions of C+I in MAJOR publications -- uh YES PLEASE

They have created a space for young women to create their own business model and learn more about what kind of business they want to get into it. You can read more about the inspiration behind their story here.

You can become a merchandiser for Chloe + Isabel by submitting your application; if accepted you can purchase your starter kit, and get to selling!

I think this is a great idea for someone in college. You have a built in buying community right in front of you, and it's the perfect way to earn some extra cash. It's also essentially great for someone just out of school who needs something to keep them busy between looking for jobs and adjusting to post graduate life.

Chloe + Isabel gives you the tools you need to start your own business and I think that's what attracted me to this company, aside from the gorgeous jewels. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't heavily thinking about submitting a merchandiser application. A dream of mine is to be my own boss, in some shape or form, and I think this would be a great learning experience.

If this sounds like you, I'd definitely apply!

Now, let's get to the good stuff.

Chloe + Isabel has some of the most gorgeous, well made jewelry I own. I don't discriminate against jewelry but my goodness, when I got my pieces in the mail, I was BLOWN AWAY! The quality is outrageous, you can feel it when you touch the jewelry, and the price is right. They definitely have some pricier items but they'd put perfect gifts to ask for your birthday or Christmas! 

Shaylei gave me the opportunity to purchase a few items discounted in price so I could share them with you and create this lovely post! I didn't necessarily pick my jewels but took a survey Shaylei sent me.

Shaylei picked 4 items for me based on my answers and I honestly, I would've picked all of these. She did TOO GOOD.

How cute are the little keepsake pouches the jewelry comes in?

I got one ring, one bracelet set, and two pairs of earrings. I never wear earrings and I always WANT too but sometimes I just don't like the way I look with them on. I figured this was a great time to force myself to try a new pair!

The two items I haven't stopped wearing are the Topaz Pave Stacking Ring and the Lunette Open Cuff Set. They are EVERYTHING TO ME. I've been addicted to cuff bracelets because they're comfortable and easy to throw on; they don't clunk against my keyboard at work and are so delicate and dainty. Rings are also my favorite type of jewelry so I can't go wrong with them.

I received two pairs of earrings, the Color Code Plum Drop Earrings and the Mirabelle Stud Earrings. I tried them both on and I definitely prefer the Mirabelle Stud. If I'm going to convince myself to wear earrings, I'm sticking with studs, but these won't be a total loss -- I'll probably try to rock them on a glamorous night out or give them to my mom or sister, who LOVE earrings.

Basic blog selfies? Someone buy me a tripod!
All in all, I'm in love. Thank you, Shaylei for introducing me to my new favorite brand and for giving me the chance to try out these gorgeous pieces!

I am going to be purchasing some more fall jewelry once I decide on what I want!! Also, keep an eye out here and on my Twitter if I announce that I'm a merchandiser -- from now, go shop in Shaylei's shop!

Has anyone ever tried Chloe + Isabel? Are you a merchandiser? What are your thoughts? Tell me in the comments -- let's chat :) 

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