I love a good career book... I always have. Ever since junior year of college, I've been fascinated with career books and articles, and learning as much as possible about "the real world" and how I should navigate these unknown waters.

Now that I think about it, I always loved reading about the next stage in my life. When I was headed off to college, I read those types of books; when I was joining a sorority, I read those types of books, and when I was getting an internship, I read those too.

I think it has to do with my fear of the unknown, but we've discussed that so many times before.

When I was getting ready for my first, full time job in social media, I knew what book I had to read. I had been waiting for this book to hit shelves for months, ever since I first heard about it. Fashion + social media= give me it!!!

"Leave Your Mark" is written by Aliza Licht, the lady behind the famous DKNY PR Girl Twitter account. I've been hearing about that Twitter account for years, and I think it was an genius idea--create an anonymous persona that gives you all the inside scoop on the fashion industry.

I don't remember following the Twitter account well, in it's prime, a few years back before Aliza revealed that it was in fact her, but reading about the hype in the book was awe striking. It was a huge mystery among the fashion world and everyone wanted to know who was DKNY PR Girl.

But that's not what the book is completely about.

It's about Aliza's journey to becoming THAT girl, the social media gal behind one of the most famous Twitter accounts in the world.

It's about how she tried a few different career paths before deciding fashion was what she really wanted, and how she fought to get there-- through internships, and a hard work.

The book is FILLED to the brim with career lessons, and I especially love how it's laid out, with Aliza telling her story, offering tidbits of advice, and then rounding it up all at the end in bullet point form (makes for extremely easy reference).

She talks about the importance of remaining authentic in your personal brand, asking for help when you need it, always clarifying your tasks with your supervisors and boss, so you are extremely clear on what they want from you (a HUGE lesson for myself).

Aliza gave insider tips from some industry people on what they look for in candidates, and what sticks out to them, when someone is trying to land a job in the fashion world.

She takes you step by step, from figuring out what you want to do, to writing a kick ass cover letter & resume, to getting the most out of your internship...all the way to ask for a raise & get a promotion.

Licht uses her life and her experiences to give us the advice we need to succeed in this dog eat dog world.

I will say that some of her stories sounded like Andie Sacks in "The Devil Wears Prada" but it also does sound glamorous in a way, even with all the hard work.

All in all, Aliza was a girl who tore out the pages of magazines and stuck them on her bedroom walls as a young child, and then she ended up becoming one of the top executives (and a social media guru) at one of the biggest and well known fashion brands out there. It's a dream come true in more ways than one.

I've never felt more satisfied when finishing a book than when I finished this one. I felt like I had learned so much, and gained such an insight into this industry, it was truly eye opening.

This is 100% a book that I will keep on my nightstand and re-read more than once. It's 100% a book that I think everyone in the communications field (or someone just looking for career advice) needs to own, read, and highlight everything that inspires them.

Have you read this book? What do you think?

PS: I nearly cried when I found out Aliza is leaving DKNY  (does this destroy the review? Sorry!)

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